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Latest NCD IPO December 2021 in India – a Holistic View


Given the sentiments amongst investors, one can expect more companies to join the IPO crusade.

It’s raining IPOs, with three issues hitting the market in a span of four days, the pace of new filings points to a deluge during the last month of the year. So far this year, fifteen companies have filed their draft red herring prospectus (DRHP) with the market regulator for Debt initial public offerings (IPOs).

“India has made significant strides in macroeconomic stability, and its government is more motivated than ever to encourage corporate-investment-driven growth,” says Chief India Economist Upasana Chachra. India is demystifying to see a VIBRANT and LIQUID Bond Market in the coming few years. And the BOND MARKET is here to stay!

But the IPO is wholesome!

You might want to sit down for this one. Too good if you already are. The eternal adage of eating healthy food and getting enough sleep just got added with another point: Don’t miss the wholesome investment opportunities. Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd, IIFL Home Finance Ltd, and Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd are all set to open the gates again for investors for IPO bidding on the 6th, 8th, and 9th of December this year.

New IPO Issuances

Edelweiss Financial Services Ltd is one of India`s leading financial services conglomerates, offering a robust platform to a diversified client base across domestic and global geographies. Key Businesses include Credit (Retail, Corporate), Investment & Advisory (Wealth Management, Asset Management), and Insurance (Life, General).

IIFL Home Finance Ltd IIFL is a subsidiary of IIFL Finance Limited. With a wide spread of more than 125 branches across India, it offers Affordable Home loans, Non-Metro Housing loans, Home purchases, Home Renovation, Home Construction, and Plot purchases.

Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd is a mortgage lender headquartered in Gurugram, Haryana, India. It is India’s second-largest housing finance company and is regulated by the National Housing Bank. It is part of the Indiabulls group and contributes approximately 80% of the group’s turnover. 
IndustryFinancial ServicesHousingHousing
Issue SizeRs 500 CroreRs 1000 CroreRs 1000 Crore
Coupon Rate (up to)9.70%8.75%9.25%
Tenure (up to)120 months84 months60 months
Minimum InvestmentRs 10,000Rs 10,000Rs 10,000
AUMRs 32.84 Lakh CroreRs 44,249 CroreRs 86,566 Crore
PATRs. 2539 CroreRs 401 CroreRs 1202 Crore.

Yield Comparison

Edelweiss Financial Services Limited8.75%9.10%9.55%NA9.70%
IIFL Home Finance LimitedNA8.25%8.50%8.75%NA
Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited8.75%9.00%9.25%NANA

Which IPO should you invest in The Risk-Reward?

Keeping all factors status quo, we believe it would be a smart decision to invest in the Indiabulls Housing Finance IPO as compared to IIFL Home Finance as Indiabulls Housing Finance provides a higher coupon interest rate while having the same credit rating and belonging to the same industry.

If you are looking for an investment with a higher return with a slightly higher risk, we believe it would be a smart decision to invest in Edelweiss Financial Services Limited as compared to IIFL Home Finance as Indiabulls Housing Finance provides a higher coupon interest rate while having the one notch lower rating.

The Secondary Bond Market

A secondary market is a platform wherein investors can freely buy or sell securities without the interference of the issuing companies. The defining characteristic of the secondary market is that investors trade among themselves i.e. securities are traded at prices determined by demand and supply.

Let’s have a look at indicative yields of the issuers and where one should invest in the IPO or could give a miss?

Edelweiss Financial Services Limited is trading at a yield of about 9.75%-10% today which is much higher than the rates provided by the IPO. Investors could thus give the IPO a miss and invest in secondary markets. On a similar note, Indiabulls Housing Finance Limited is trading at a yield of around 9.50% today which is slightly higher than the IPO rates.

Whereas, IIFL is trading at a yield of around 9% which is in the same range as the IPO rates. Investors could thus look at investing in the IPO.

Trading in the bond market hasn’t been easier?

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Parting Note

IPO is a fish in the vast ocean of the Bond Market. The Bond market comprises a variety of products tailored to suit the requirement of different individuals. Besides investing in a Bond IPO, investors can also look at investing in AAA-rated Securities, Government Securities, 54 EC Bonds, etc.
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