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Best Investment Options to Get Upto 50k Returns Monthly

To achieve financial prosperity and security, individuals frequently pursue investment opportunities that promise substantial returns. In India, a country characterised by rapid economic growth and a growing middle class, pursuing monthly returns of 50,000 is a commendable goal. This article examines the best investment options for achieving 50k monthly returns, considering factors such as tenor, risk, and fixed returns.

Understanding Monthly Income Scheme

A monthly income plan, or MIP, is a financial instrument designed to provide investors with a monthly income stream. The primary goal of a monthly income plan is to generate a stable cash flow for individuals who rely on consistent income to cover their expenses. This finest investment plan can be an attractive option for retirees, those seeking supplemental income, and those seeking a regular payout while preserving capital.

7 Best Monthly Income Plans for Investing in 2023

1. ULIP Schemes

ULIP, or Unit-Linked Insurance Plan, is the finest investment plan because it provides life insurance and an investment product for a periodic monthly income.

  • ULIP plan provides both life insurance protection and investment opportunities to build wealth.
  • These high-return investments can be tailored to generate a monthly income. This enables you to receive monthly payouts consistently.
  • ULIP plans allow for customization of the premium amount, investment funds, and duration of coverage.
  • The mandatory 5-year lock-in period for ULIP programmes encourages long-term investment and wealth creation.

2. Flexi Fixed Deposit

A Flexi Fixed Deposit is a type of fixed deposit account that offers greater flexibility in withdrawal and fund management compared to traditional fixed deposits. Flexi Fixed Deposits are typically offered by banks and financial institutions as an alternative to standard fixed deposits. They provide a way to earn higher interest rates on your savings while allowing you to access funds when needed conveniently.

  • Just like regular fixed deposits, a Flexi Fixed Deposit earns interest on the deposited amount. The interest rate is typically higher than that of a regular savings account.
  • Flexi Fixed Deposits offer more liquidity. This means you can withdraw a portion of the deposit or even the entire deposit without breaking the entire deposit, though there might be certain conditions and limits.
  • In a Flexi Fixed Deposit, you can withdraw funds as needed while keeping the remaining deposit amount intact. When your account balance falls below a certain threshold, funds are automatically transferred from the fixed deposit to your savings account. 

3. Post Office Monthly Income Scheme

The Post Office Monthly Income Scheme(POMIS) is a guaranteed return plan introduced on behalf of the Indian government by the Post Office.

  • Investors receive a fixed and guaranteed monthly revenue from POMIS. You may invest a maximum of Rs. 9 lakhs in POMIS; joint account holders may invest up to Rs. 15 lakhs.
  • This monthly income program’s interest rate (currently 7.4%) is set by the government and is subject to change. 
  • After one year, premature withdrawal is permitted with certain penalties. POMIS is a low-risk investment option because it is supported by the Indian government. 
  • The interest earned through the POMIS monthly income programme is taxable according to your income tax bracket.
  • POMIS, unlike other Fixed Deposit Schemes (FDs), does not withhold tax at source (TDS) on interest earnings.

4. Senior Citizen Saving Scheme

In India, the Senior Citizen Saving Scheme (SCSS) is a government-sponsored monthly income programme for senior citizens aged 60 and older. This is the most secure and reliable investment plan with the highest returns.

  • The maximum investment in the SCSS monthly income scheme is Rs 30 lakhs. The interest rate is 8.2% per annum, which is periodically determined by the Indian government.
  • The SCSS has a fixed tenure of five years that can be extended by an additional three years.
  • After one year, premature withdrawal is permitted, subject to certain penalties.
  • You can name beneficiaries to receive the invested funds in the event of your untimely demise.
  • The SCSS is a low-risk investment option because it is supported by the Indian government.

5. Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana

PMVVY, or the Pradhan Mantri Vaya Vandana Yojana, is an Indian government-sponsored pension and monthly income programme.

  • It is designed particularly for senior citizens and provides them with a steady income during their retirement years.
  • PMVVY is a monthly income programme designed exclusively for senior citizens in India.
  • The utmost investment limit for this monthly income scheme is Rs. 15 lakhs per senior citizen.
  • PMVVY has a ten-year fixed term. Senior citizens receive a regular monthly income through the programme.

6. Fixed Rate Bonds

Fixed-rate bonds have a fixed maturity period, which is the length of time for which the funds are locked in the bond. 

  • Interest earned on fixed-rate bonds can be paid out at regular intervals (monthly, quarterly, annually) or at the end of the bond’s term, depending on the terms of the specific bond.
  • The fixed interest rate on these bonds is set at the time of purchase and does not change with fluctuations in market interest rates. This means that if market interest rates rise after purchasing the bond, the investor may end up with a bond that offers a lower yield compared to newer bonds with higher interest rates.
  • Fixed-rate bonds can be issued by governments, municipalities, corporations, and financial institutions. Government bonds are generally considered safer due to the government’s backing.

7. Mutual Fund Monthly Income Plan

A mutual fund scheme provides financial investors with a continuous monthly income while generating moderate capital growth. 

  • MIPs are designed to provide a stable monthly income through dividend distributions.
  • These plans invest in a combination of debt and equity instruments, balancing the potential for income generation and capital appreciation.
  • You receive monthly, quarterly, or annual dividends, which provide a consistent income stream.
  • Some MIPs enable you to withdraw a predetermined amount on a periodic basis through a systematic withdrawal plan.
  • You may enter or exit the scheme based on your financial objectives and liquidity requirements, subject to the mutual fund’s terms and conditions.

The Takeaway

Monthly Income Plans in India provide various investment options for generating consistent income. These plans accommodate various investor preferences, risk tolerances, and investment horizons. From ULIPs and annuity plans to government-backed programmes like POMIS and SCSS, there are opportunities with varying degrees of risk for a stable income.

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